Solo Regulations

 Link to the SCCA® National Solo® Rules 


Unless otherwise stated herein, the current S.C.C.A. AUTOCROSS Rules will be in effect in their entirety. These regulations can only be modified by a majority vote of the Region’s Autocross Committee. National SCCA guidelines for Safety will be followed during all Oklahoma Region SCCA Autocross Events.
Regular Committee meetings may be held at the discretion of the Solo Chair(s).

Solo Board

The Solo Board shall consist of members who volunteer for Board positions as defined by the Solo Chair. The Solo Chair shall regulate Solo Board appointments. Any OK SCCA member in good standing may hold a Solo Board position.

Removal from Solo Board: Inasmuch as the Solo Board is a volunteer group appointed by the Solo Chairman, the Solo Chairman has the right, with majority approval of the Solo Board, to remove any Solo Board member who is not acting in the best interest of the Oklahoma Region Solo program.

Regional Series Championship

Only Oklahoma Region SCCA members are qualified to earn points towards this Championship.
Events will usually be held between the months of March and November. The events will be held normally on Sundays.

The Regional Summer Series will consist of approximately 10-12 “Points Events”. Additional “Non-Points Events” may be scheduled at the discretion of the Solo Chair and/or Committee. Special “Double Points” events may be scheduled at the discretion of the Solo Chair and/or Committee.

Points will be awarded in each class on a normalized 100 point basis per the following formula and example:
Points= (winner’s time/your time)*100
There are three competitors in class.
They run times of 50, 55, and 60 seconds.
The winning time (50/50)*100 gets 100 points
Second place gets (50/55)*100 points, so 91 points.
Third place gets (50/60)*100 points, so 83 points
This system will eliminate the problem of one or two time attendees in a class causing inconsistencies in end-of-year results.

PAX classes detailed herein will be included in the Championship Series at the discretion of the Solo Chair. Competitors may run one indexed (PAX) class in each event.

All competitors will compete for an overall PAX championship, regardless of base classing.

Indexed class scoring will be based on the 2018 SCCA Solo PAX index.

Novice (N) Class will be included in the Championship Series. Novice class is open to any entrant who has not competed in solo competition, with any autocross club, in any previous calendar year. A competitor who runs in the Novice class during any Regional Series event may continue to run in Novice class for the balance of that calendar year series, however the competitor must then move to a regular class for the following calendar year series (regardless of the number of events he/she ran in Novice class during that previous calendar year series).

Masters (M) class will be available to any competitor aged at least 55.

Ladies (L) class will be available to any female competitor. For the purposes of Oklahoma SCCA competition, gender will follow what shows on any competitor’s government issued driver’s license.

Other PAX classes are as follows-

(X) Xtreme – (SS, AS, SSR, SSP, SSM, CAMS)
(S) Sport – (BS, CS, ES, STR, BSP, CSP, DP, HCS)
(G) Grand Touring – (DS, STX, STU, SSC, ASP, DSP, FSP, SM, FP)
(T) Tuner – (GS, HS, STS, STH, SMF, EP)
(A) American Muscle – (FS, STP, ESP, CAMC, CAMT, CP)
(R) Race – (AM, BM, CM, DM, EM, FM, FSAE, XP, HCR)

Either base OR pax class may be used for numbering. For example, car number 173 CAMC is in the A (American Muscle) class. Acceptable numbering/lettering is either 173 CAMC or 173 A.

Eligibility for year-end Championship standing requires that entrants must compete in at least fifty one percent (51%) of the scheduled events in the same class.

Event place awards/trophies (i.e., 1st place, 2nd place 3rd place, etc) may be awarded. Entrants or a representative must be present at trophy presentation to receive a trophy.

All entrants must complete all work assignments as directed by the Event Coordinators or they will be disqualified from the event and Championship Series. Competitors who habitually miss work assignments will be excluded from future events at the discretion of the Solo Committee.

Year-end class trophies will be awarded to the qualified entrant who has the highest number of points scored in their best “T-2” events, where T=Total number of season points events. Tiebreakers will be settled by head to head record comparison, followed by highest number of first place finishes, followed by highest number of second place finishes, and so on. Special trophies may be awarded at the discretion of the Solo Chair.

Classic American Muscle regional rules- the following cars will be added to CAM classing for OK SCCA events-

CAMS- Dodge/SRT Viper (2013-2017)
CAMC- Pontiac Grand Prix GXP (2005-2008), Chevrolet Impala SS (2006-2009), Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS (2006-2007)

Autocross Event Operation

Pre-Registration is usually available online. Registration on the day of the event typically opens at 7:30am and closes at 8:30am. Some flexibility may be offered under special circumstances but is not guaranteed. Pre-registration or early registration is strongly encouraged so that the event can begin on schedule.

In addition to National SCCA Autocross rules sections- 8.3.1, 8.3.2, 8.3.3, 8.3.4, 8.3.5, 8.3.7, 8.3.8, and 8.3.9, the following OK region SCCA regulations will be observed:

Entrants are responsible for correctly classing their cars under the Autocross Rules. Any question about a car’s proper classification, including protests, should be brought to the attention of the Solo Chair and/or Event Coordinators prior to the commencement of the event. Cars ineligible for the class marked on the car will be disqualified from the event if successful protest is lodged. The protest fee is $50, payable by cash or check to the Oklahoma Region SCCA. Upon successful protest, the protest fee will be returned. If the protest is overturned, the protest fee will be retained by the Region. All protest decisions will be made by a tribunal consisting of the Solo Chair, Chief of Tech, and Chief of Competition. Protests must be unanimously upheld in order for the protest to be considered successful. If any of the three members of the protest tribunal are competing in the same class or associated in any way with either of the protested or protestor, he will designate a replacement and remove himself from the proceedings of the protest.

All entrants are required to attend the Driver’s meeting that is held just prior to the event’s commencement.

Whenever possible, after beginning a timed run each car may not reenter the course until a minimum of 10 cars have preceded or 5 minutes have elapsed between leaving the course and starting the next run.

An unlimited number of drivers may compete in a single car provided the staging allows. Multiple driver cars should be brought to the attention of the event coordinators early to ensure adequate time for driver change rotations.

Heat assignments may not be requested.

At no time during the event shall any entrant, crewmember, or worker consume any intoxicating or illegal substance. The penalty for such action shall be the immediate suspension of the offender from all further Oklahoma Region SCCA Autocross events for the duration of the year and automatically forfeiting eligibility for any/all points, awards for all events and the Championship Series.

Event trophies will be limited to the top finishers in each class. The number of top finishers will depend on the number of entrants participating in that class. Larger classes will have more trophies and smaller classes will have fewer trophies.

Fun Runs will be offered at the discretion of the event coordinators.

Event Fees:

SCCA Member entry (Remington Park events): $45 if paid on site, $40 if paid online
Non-SCCA Member entry (Remington park events): $60 (includes weekend membership)
Non Remington park events will be assigned an appropriate entry fee by the solo committee, to be made official by a simple majority vote.