Want to drive your car at speed on a track? Learn more about car control? Push your precision driving and car control skills? Get trackside as a racing official? Race within inches at triple digit speeds?

SCCA offers automobile enthusiasts of all types – the casual, the hard core, the technical and the social opportunities for all levels of interest.

Solo II Autocross

Oklahoma Region of the SCCA usually has 10 or more Solo autocross events every year, from March to October, plus a driving school/test and tune event at the beginning of the season. Drivers compete against other drivers’ times on a course defined by traffic cones, usually in a large parking lot or airport. There are classes for each type of car, from mostly stock to highly modified race cars, so that each driver competes against cars that are similar to his own.

You don’t need a special car to compete – If your car is in good mechanical condition, you can probably drive it in an autocross. You can use painter’s tape to put numbers on your car, and we have helmets that you can borrow. Arrive early, walk the course, sign the waiver, and you can drive in an autocross.

If you’re not sure, come to an event, and once you’ve signed a waiver, you can ride with one of our friendly drivers – for free.  Some people go for a lot of rides, and come back as a driver at the next event.

We also hold other events, from time to time, if we have enough participation.

Link to SCCA® National Solo® Autocross Information

Road Rally


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