Proposed OK SCCA proposed Bylaw changes

Submitted by Mark Council on November 6, 2017

This proposal will be on this year’s ballot.

It clarifies OK Region SCCA membership requirements.

It sets Enid, Stillwater and Lawton chapters to “inactive”.

It changes the number of members or directors needed to form a quorum at meetings. (This is due to lower meeting attendance)

It allows for a change to our communication and voting, to move away from postal mail towards a transition to electronic communication and voting.

It allows for vacancies in committee leadership positions, if there is no one willing to accept an appointment to those positions.

It allows for the Regional Newsletter to be in electronic form and posted on the website. (There has not been a printed Regional Newsletter for several years)

Review the proposed changes  here


2017 Solo PAX Championship standings

From Mark Council:

and here’s PAX:

Brent Wilson will take home first unless Wb Sephus gets 1st and Brent Wilson gets 3rd or lower, or if Wb gets second or lower and beats Brent by at least 3 places.
3rd is locked by Robert Seelig unless Jon Miller takes 1st at event 11.
If Jon Miller no-shows, 5-10th could all move to first with a win, and will undoubtedly bounce around somewhat.

2017 Solo championship points standings

From Mark Council:

OK here’s the mega post you’ve all been waiting for.
In the picture below, you’ll find every member who has either earned a trophy (yellow), can still earn a trophy (orange) or has secured the class win (green)

Class-by-class breakdown-

Jeffrey Potts is your AS champion

Brian Cunninghman will win BS by completing a run at event 11

CAMC is complicated!
Wb Sephus is the only driver with the potential for a perfect 9000 point score. No, it can not be over 9000. He needs to win event 11 to do this. If he completes a run at all at event 11, he will be our CAMC champion
Greg Blocker is about a second behind Jonathan S. Pennington, who is about 3.5sec behind Tyler Garling. To keep their spots, they’ll all need to complete runs at the last event. Meredith Evans has secured 5th place, and Derek Mason will secure 6th by completing a run Sunday

Al Donovan will take home CM by competing Sunday

Paul Martinez has a 0.5 second lead over Mark Mark SlowcarFast Jensen, who will need to win on Sunday by at least that much, or have Paul no-show in order to take the win.

Zac Blocker will win ESP by competing Sunday

Brent Wilson is your GS champion

Danny Thomas will win HCR by competing on Sunday

Cindy Dykhouse, Elizabeth Brosius, and Abbey Hovorka are in a complex mess in Ladies’ PAX. Cindy will take it home by completing a run. If Abbey and Elizabeth both run Sunday, Abbey needs to win by 5 seconds to keep second. If Elizabeth does not make a run, Abbey will secure second.

Mark Grissom is your Masters champion

In novice, we can give potentially 7(!) trophies this year. Ruben Sedillo, Brendan Summerville, Sean ZJ, and Cameron Campbell are all going to receive hardware. They all also need to compete Sunday in order to keep their spot- none have made it to 9 events. However, if everyone runs, Ruben has a 8 second lead on the class, and the margins between 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, are all about 5, so by everyone running or everyone not running, 1st through 4th are likely locked in. Taylor DeWitt, Paul Dykhouse, and Mark Sprayberry will all secure their trophies by competing Sunday.

In SM, Zack Baumgardner has a 14 second lead on the class. Shelby Fitzsimmons is 6 sec ahead of Bill, who is 23 sec in front of Lewis Durbin. None of these guys have run 9 events though, so they’ll need to make appearances in order to lock their spots.

I will be your SSM champion, due in large part to not letting Aaron Williams near my car until after he was mathematically eliminated.

In SMF, Shawn Adams will win the class if Stephen Sharp and Kevin Knop no-show. If they do-show, Shawn will need to beat Stephen by about 4 seconds to take 2nd. Stephen will take the win if Kevin doesn’t run or by beating a running Kevin by around 2.5sec.

Robert Seelig will need to finish a run in STS to take home the class for the year.

Brandon Arneson is your STX champion. Darci Thomas wll lock in 2nd place by completing a run, and Brian Fipps will trophy by completing a run, and possibly take second if Darci no-shows.

Thanks everybody for bearing with me. I wanted to be able to take the time to give a good update and make sure everything was in order.  See you Sunday!!!!