October 2, 2017 Board Meeting minutes

Meeting Start

  • Meeting started by Stephen Sharp

Reading of Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Motion to skip the reading of the previous meetings minutes raised by Roger Knop, second by Dave Brosius, all in favor

Solo Report

  • We had 67 entries at the Oct-1 event
  • Our next and last event for the season is Oct-22
  • We now have a redundant set of timing lights to use as replacements/backups

o    The technical issues observed with the lights at the Sep-17 Stroud event was purely related to the wet weather that day; in fact, the same lights were used at the Oct-1 event with no hiccups

  • Mark Council is in the process of getting the timing scoreboard fixed; no ETA for closure at the moment
  • Greg Blocker raised the questrion as to if we are working to get all runs displayed on http://live.axti.me (live)

o    Per Stephen Sharp, it is an issue with the software that is being worked through

  • Motion raise to accept the Solo Report by Rocky Rutter, second by Dave Brosius, all in favor
  • Old Business (timing lights & scoreboard) issues were conducted within the Solo Report

Rally Report

  • No Rally Report interaction

Treasurers Report

  • Motion to skip the Treasures Report raised by Roger Knop, second by Dave Brosius, all in favor

New Business

  • Dave Brosius raised awareness of a proposal to modernize and or update the current OK region’s logo (see proposal below and attached)

o    There was some good debate on the issue but the group felt that more input should be gathered from all board members

o    A motion was raised by Dave Brosius to bring this topic to the next meeting for discussion with the greater group; second by Roger Knop, all in favor

  • Dave Brosius suggested that we review the concept of OK region merchandising; hats, tee shirts, stickers, etc.…

o    There’s been some issues with this in the past such as holding on to inventory for items that people indicated they would purchase, then backed out

o    Motion to bring the merchandise topic back to the next meeting raised by David Brosius, second by Roger Knop, all in favor

  • Stephen Sharp called out that he is in the planning stages for the end-of year banquet

o    We are again looking to host this at Remington Park

o    Rough estimated timelines are the 2nd weekend in December or mid-January

  • Stephen Sharp called to attention that all board members should be on the lookout for an email communication regarding upcoming board announcements
  • Roger Knop asked about 2018 scheduling and how it aligned with divisional and national events

o    Stephen Sharp replied that scheduling will not take place until both the national and divisional schedules are released in an effort to eliminate conflicts

  • Dave Brosius raised a motion to conclude the meeting, second by Greg Blocker, all in favor

Meeting Adjourned

August 7, 2017 Board Meeting minutes

August 7, 2017 SCCA meeting minutes

Stephen Sharp calls the meeting to order
Darci Thomas motions to skip reading July’s minutes. Greg Blocker seconds the motion, motion passed.
New club racing report.
Treasures report. Stroud event we still have not gotten paid but should be between $700-800. Danny Thomas was not here. Darci Thomas makes a motion to approve the treasures report. Greg Blocker second the motion. Motion passed.
Solo report. August 27 is the next event WB will help run the event since Stephen will be gone. Mark Council still needs to get supplies ordered that have already been approved. Darci Thomas makes a motion to approve so report. Greg Blocker second the motion. Motion passed.
Old business. Discussion over the current website. David Brosius will be the new web coordinator. Motion to pass all business Darci Thomas. Greg Blocker second the motion. The motion passed.
New business. The September meeting will be for the officers meeting Steve and Sharp makes motion to pass David B. second the motion. Motion passed.
Roger and Greg will stay in current positions all others are open. Darci Thomas makes a motion to end the meeting. Greg Blocker second the motion. Motion passed.

June 5, 2017 Board Meeting minutes

June minutes
Stephen opened
Rocky moves to read minutes at the next meeting. Darci second. Pass
Treasures report
Darci motion to accept. Greg second. Pass
Mark talked about our upcoming events.
Cam challenge in Texas
Discussing options on upgrading items for the club
Mark motions to budget for $1200 for score board and stands and items needed to go along with it. Stephen seconds. Pass
Discussing other sanctions
Greg motions to end solo report. Darci seconds. Pass
No old business
New business. Website through scca.com
Darci motion to end meeting. Greg seconds. Pass

April 3, 2017 Board Meeting minutes

April 3, 2017

Meeting minutes

Mark C, Stephen S. Darci S, David B, Danny T, Rocky R

Motion Accept last month’s mins Motion Mark 2nd Darci

Treasures report Checking $3717.59 Savings $13190.25 Total $16907.84 mot Rocky 2nd darci

Road racing report Hallett Sunday motion David 2nd darci

No Rally

Solo Report 36 paid entrees mid Div 20th and 21st set up 19th mot darci 2nd david

Old biz none mot darci 2nd david

New biz head socks, new chairs, mot to approve Mark $300 chairs and tables Motion darci 2nd david

New flags budget $150 1 green, 5 red Motion darci 2nd mark approved

Motion to make Darci Secretary motion mark 2nd rocky

Darci stepped down

Stephen appointed Roger as asst to reg executive mot darci 2nd mark approved

Motion to end motion darci 2nd roger