2017 Oklahoma Region SCCA

The Oklahoma Region of the SCCA is an all-volunteer organization. To be a member of Oklahoma Region of the SCCA, membership in the National SCCA is required.

Being a volunteer can be very rewarding and can offer new experiences and challenges that you may not find anywhere else. The club is always looking for volunteers to help with all the aspects of managing the club, competitive events and social events throughout the year.

The jobs of timing, registration, announcing, waivers, course layout, safety, course marking, loading and unloading the trailer, filling ice chests, and tech inspection all require volunteers to make the event go smoothly.

So, after your head stops spinning from your first few autocrosses, pitch in and volunteer whenever you can, do whatever you can, learn some new skills, and help make OK SCCA a great club!

Oklahoma Region of the SCCA – Officers and Directors

Regional Executive (President) – Stephen Sharp
Executive Vice President – Mark Council
Secretary – Derek Mason
Treasurer – Danny Thomas

Board of Directors – elected 2016
David Brosius
Greg Blocker

Board of Directors – elected 2015
Rocky Rutter
John Ederer

Board of Directors – Executive Assistant – appointed
Darci Thomas

Questions? Contact:

Stephen Sharp
Oklahoma Region SCCA Regional Executive
Oklahoma Region SCCA Solo Chair